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Glass Blowers - Corvallis, OR

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Now that pot has been legal for recreational use in Oregon since 20014, the industry has observed an increase in sales of glass smoking paraphernalia directly linked to these changes in cannabis policies, which was somewhat to be expected. Oregon - including areas like Corvallis - has a long tradition of superior craftsmanship when it comes to its local glass blowers. To this day, the Eugene area is known as a glass blowing mecca and the city’s art is sold all around the world.

A notable part of Oregon’s marijuana culture is the artist-driven movement of beautiful handmade glass pipes and bongs. This goes back to at least the era of the Grateful Dead. At New Millennium Cannabis it has long been our policy to help support our local artists and crafts people. Many of our pieces come straight from the Eugene area's artisans and growers. Come in and browse and take a look around. Increasingly people with the means to do so are paying top dollar for unique glass bong art - perhaps a pipe that you purchase here will be worth millions one day!

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